World Philosophy Week (Argentina)

World Philosophy Day
The week of November 15 to 17, by virtue of UNESCO’s proclamation of the third Thursday of November of each year as World Philosophy Day, the headquarters of New Acropolis Argentina, added its contribution to culture and the development of new opportunities in the area of education worldwide, through a wonderful exhibition open to the general public on: “The Language of Symbols“.
A program of lectures and a graphic exhibition on “Universal symbols in the cultures of the world” was organized with the purpose of making known the world of millenary wisdom and the philosophical thought of the great figures of all times.

The program included the following specific topics:

Joseph Campbell, Jung and the Power of Myth 
Symbols, Imagination and Magical Thinking 
Symbolic language and mythology in Platonic philosophy 
Symbols for reflection 

The presentations were given by several of the Centre professors.

All lectures were well attended, as well as the guided tour of the aforementioned exhibition.

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