Colloquium: Philosophy in Action, the Human Being and Tolerance (Almada, Portugal)

World Philosophy Day


In commemoration of World Philosophy Day and with the collaboration of the Piaget Institute, New Acropolis held in the facilities of this Institute, this colloquium with the following program:

Opening of the session and communication:

Welcoming words and some ideas on tolerance.

By Dr. António Oliveira Cruz. Founder and President of the Piaget Institute.


“Tolerance as an essential value for the Human Being”.

By José Carlos Fernández. Director of New Acropolis Portugal.


“Tolerance and the road to peace”.

By Paulo Loução. Director of New Acropolis Oeiras-Cascais.


“Tolerance as a path to knowledge”.

By Rafael Pereira. Director of New Acropolis Almada.


As a take away of what was discussed in this colloquium, we could say that tolerance, as a human value, is fundamental for the development of free thought and the healthy exchange of ideas. In this way, bridges of understanding and comprehension are created between individuals and societies. Tolerance is therefore fundamental to promoting a growing diversity of expressions that coexist in an increasingly connected world.

The activity was a success with participants, who were able to ask questions, thus promoting the aforementioned exchange of ideas.


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