Happening “Know thyself” (Pucallpa, Peru)

Promotion of Philosophy

 The New Acropolis centre in Pucallpa organized this activity to make philosophy more accessible to the public with a series of playful and reflective activities. The games were designed to test participants’ ability to concentrate, with a journey that took them back in time to ancient Greece to visit the famous temple of Delphi, which was recreated for this activity, and to discover the meaning of the famous phrase “Know thyself”. This was the point of departure for an inner journey in which participants passed through the levels of ignorance, learning and wisdom. At the end, each participant asked themselves the question: “Do I really know myself?” while looking into a secret chamber.  The results were very positive, with participants saying that it was a very unusual experience and that they now valued the need for deep self-knowledge much more highly.

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