Holidays and Christmas carols together with new friends (Timișoara, Romania)

Social Volunteering

In order to get into the holiday spirit, we started a Christmas caroling choir together with the beneficiaries of the “St. Francis” center for the homeless people.

The beautiful lyrics and magic of our traditional Romanian carols brought us together to form a single harmonized voice. One visit was enough to make us become fond of each other, and encouraged by the success of our songs, we agreed on a rehearsal schedule.

We took the opportunity to hear the stories and to understand how we could be of immediate help to those who are gathering at “St. Francisc” Center every night. Thus, with the help of our friends, we raised funds to buy socks, underwear and sweets for all of the 80 beneficiaries of the homeless center.

The highlight was a caroling visit of the newly assembled choir, to the “St. Arch. Michael and Gabriel” day center for the aging. Our carols, accompanied by ginger bread presents, were greeted with delight and warmth by the elderly, who were visibly moved by the holiday cheer.

In a subsequent visit to our friends from “St. Francis” Center, we offered them presents, shared impressions on this wonderful experience and evoked each of us a virtue and an inspiring philosophical thought for the next year 2024.

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