Poetry recitals in honor of Florbela Espanca (Portugal)

Artistic Activities

Nova Acrópole Lisbon and Oeiras-Cascais held poetry recitals in tribute to Florbela Espanca in commemoration of her birth.

Together they gave voice to the experiences of courage and inner freedom of a woman unafraid to challenge the rules, while maintaining a deep religiosity that was her source of inspiration.

Nova Acrópole Lisbon began its recital, entitled To Be a Poet Is to Be Higher, held at the Central Municipal Library (Palácio Galveias), with a few words by José Carlos Fernández, writer and national director of Nova Acrópole Portugal, and then moved on to the recital itself, performed by the poetry group that bears the name of the honoree, which continues to pay homage to this poetess since its formation 13 years ago.

Nova Acrópole Oeiras-Cascais held its recital, entitled Florbela and Friends, at the Parque dos Poetas (Oeiras), which was performed by the group Orpheu and Severina Gonçalves (poetess and deputy director of Nova Acrópole Oeiras-Cascais). The event was supported by the Oeiras Municipal Chamber of Commerce.





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