A Dialogue with Rumi (Australia)

Jalal a Din Rumi said: “Love is the bridge between you and everything.” During the Night the Rumi’s words assisted building a bridge beyond the separations, Amir’s Kaveh music and […]

Practical exercise seminar (Australia)

Meeting students on a sunny Sunday morning to practice some of the simple and practical exercises contained in the course, such as concentration, self-awareness, etc.           […]

World Philosophy Day 2018 (Australia)

World Philosophy Day is one of the most significant events celebrated by New Acropolis Australia. On this occasion the homage explored the meeting between Shams and Rumi, and ideas like: the […]

The secrets of Kabbalah (Australia)

We have had an exciting evening, exploring the core principles of the profound esoteric wisdom of the ancient mystic Kabbalah. Looking at the “Tree of Life” shed light upon the […]

World Philosophy Day 2018 (Australia)

The World Philosophy day 2018 marks one of the important events held by New Acropolis Australia. In this event, we explored the meeting between Shams and Rumi. Ideas explored during […]

“0 waste” (Melbourne, Australia)

Educational meeting of Australian volunteers to explore and learn firsthand about sustainability and zero waste generation at a shopping mall in the city.