Visit the National Gallery Victoria (Australia)

Educational Activities

New Acropolis members visited the Victoria Art Gallery in Melbourne. They were primarily interested in two exhibits examining different ways and approaches to change.

Big Wheather is an exhibition showcase works by artists from diverse Indigenous communities, presenting unique interpretations of ancestral spirit beings who summon the rain, hail and seasonal storms that feed into our rivers, revive the landscape and nourish wildlife. By acknowledging weather systems as indicators of change across different geographies, we can look further at the idea of change across many facets of our lives, how change affects us, how we adapt and how knowledge of the past can inform our shared future.

We Change the World is an exhibition that shares the many different ways that artists and designers can provoke change through their work, positioning the idea of change as a creative gesture that prompts us to question our current world and contribute to an optimistic future.

It considers issues such as the climate emergency, entrenched inequalities and humanitarian injustices while also foregrounding the importance of identity, culture and expression to the wellbeing of communities and individuals.

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