Literature Club – Seneca (Sofia, Bulgaria)

The literature club was held in New Acropolis, dedicated to our regular “guest”: Lucius Seneca. We returned to the “Moral Letters to Lucius” to discuss two more chapters of the […]

Study Club: The Stoics Today (Guatemala)

The Study Club – inaugurated last May with the history of the Stoics and how they came to be as we know them today – continued in the following months […]

Chess Club (Guatemala)

The online Chess Club was launched, with a weekly meeting. On the first day, the basic rules, principles and strategies applicable to the sport were established.

Literature Club for philosophers (Sofia, Bulgaria)

The members of New Acropolis organized The Literature Club dedicated to the remarkable Hermann Hesse. The participants shared inspiring citations and ideas from the books “Siddhartha”, “Demian”, “The Glass Bead […]