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A talk about the Chinese New Year, its antiquity, the myth of the Chinese horoscope, the five elements, Chinese Astrology and its influence in all the areas of the cultural life of this country.

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A program of activities commemorating 25 years since the foundation of New Acropolis in Medellin took place, with a series of lectures and free activities on one of the most enigmatic civilizations in history: Egypt, a tradition that was able to capture and honor the concept of eternity.

Events were marked by pyramids and tombs, everyday life, symbolism, life and death, places such as Dendera, Philae, the temples of Karnak, Edfu… which fascinated the numerous attendees who took part in this wonderful journey.





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Conferencia_USAM-1New Acropolis El Salvador presented the lecture Use the other 90%! in the Alberto Masferrer Universityof the capital.

The event attracted a large crowd of University students!

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OINABN-2013-030OINABN-2013-035Durante el mes de noviembre a lo largo de todo el país se conmemoró el Día Mundial de la Filosofía. Este año las actividades se inspiraron en las grandes escuelas clásicas de Occidente, en especial  la platónica fundada por


Platón hace 2.400. Con el lema “Cuando cambiamos el mundo cambia. La Filosofía como herramienta de transformación” se llevó a cabo en las diferentes ciudades una programa con exposiciones sobre las escuelas clásicas de filosofía; festivales gastronómicos; voluntariado ecológico  con limpiezas en las calles y charlas sobre el papel de la Filosofía para todos los problemas actuales del hombre y la sociedad.OINABN-2013-034

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Conferencia: La Actualidad del Ideal de los Templarios

On Saturday, 4 May, a lecture entitled Relevance of the Ideal of the Knights Templar Today was held at the headquarters of New Acropolis in Montevideo.

The Knights Templar were an order of warrior monks whose mission was to protect Christian pilgrims. But more than that, they were bastions of moral values ​​such as austerity and courage, amongst others. The purpose of the lecture was to show the relevance of the Templars’ Ideal and to learn how it can be applied in our society today.

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Every month events promoted by New Acropolis Fortaleza are held in a large bookshop in the city.

This time, there was a free talk about Love from a philosophical point of view. It was very well attended.
OINABN-2013-023   OINABN-2013-024  OINABN-2013-025

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New Acropolis organised a lecture on “Ideals of the Renaissance” at the Faculty of Fine Arts in the Portuguese capital. The lecture was given by Prof. Harry Costin, who approached the topic from a historical and humanistic perspective.

Continuing with the Renaissance theme on the following day, Prof. Costin gave another well-attended talk entitled “The Seven Lights of the Renaissance” .

Harry Costin studied Strategy at Boston University and has a Masters in Education from Harvard University. He is a great admirer of the Renaissance legacy and believes it can provide us with keys to inspire a renewal of contemporary thought and help to create a better future.

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