Classical guitar concert in Bilbao (Spain)

New Acropolis in Bilbao inaugurated a series of events dedicated to music with a classical guitar concert given by Ángel Marcos. Pieces by various composers were performed: J. Dowland, F. Tárrega, […]

Asamblea OINA 2011

General meeting of OINA in Vienna (Austria)

The International Organization New Acropolis (OINA) held its Annual General Meeting in the city of Vienna (Austria). In the course of the meeting, the different delegations of the member countries […]

Georgios Alvarado Planas

Appointment of new Deputy International President

The General Assembly of the OINA approved the appointment of Georgios Alvarado Planas as Deputy International President, replacing Beatriz Diez Canseco, who takes up her former post as director of […]