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New Acropolis Jaén consolidates its collaboration with the penitentiary centre of this city through different cultural initiatives for inmates.

On the proposal of the Penitentiary Centre,  were held several lectures on philosophical content, very well accepted by the attendees, reason by which started a workshop called “natural philosophy: the art of learning to live”, also of philosophical character. With an attendance of nearly fifty people, this workshop will last until the beginning of the summer of 2013 and will be taught by the director of New Acropolis in Jaen, Manuel Ruiz.

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Visitors to the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest were able to participate in a course on the traditional Japanese verse of haiku, held by New Acropolis volunteers. The course was repeated a number of times because the participants wanted to further explore this expressive verse form, which has only three lines and 17 syllables. If someone has an idea to express, all that is missing is the technique, and a new haiku is born.

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Members of New Acropolis Split, Croatia, held a four-day art workshop for children on Croatian cultural heritage in  the “Marko Marulić” city library. The workshop involved the presentation of Croatian cultural motifs and a practical component: painting of reproductions. Primary school children participated in the workshop, spending their time together in a cheerful and creative atmosphere.


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New Acropolis collaborators from Split, Croatia, conducted over four days an art workshop Croatian cultural heritage, for primary school children in the city library Marulićt Marko. The workshop consisted of a theoretical part with the presentation of Croatian cultural issues, and a more practical decorating views.

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New Acropolis volunteer Sandro Spagnoli, who perished in the 2009 earthquake that destroyed the city of L’Aquila, was posthumously awarded the Medal of Merit, Second Degree, by the Italian Council of Ministers, at the proposal of the Head of Civilian Protection.

The Italian Government paid tribute to Sandro, who excelled in the many interventions and relief he organized for people affected by natural disasters,  for having “shown exceptional effectiveness and organizational skills, along with extraordinary altruistic qualities,” as expressed in the Decree issued by the Chair of the Council of Ministers on 20 August 2012.

A committed volunteer

Sandro Spagnoli was born in L’Aquila, Italy, on December 25, 1957. In 1979, he joined the International Organization New Acropolis, where he developed the first group of volunteers working in civil protection, ecology and solidarity.

Inspired by the teachings of the School of Philosophy at New Acropolis, he developed a training program based on volunteerism and a methodology to live philosophy and ethics in an active way, through actions of solidarity.

Along with this philosophical foundation, Sandro imparted technical training on issues specific to emergency actions and risks, including fire-fighting, search and rescue, first aid, topography and orienteering. As an expert, he took part in the Civil Protection Masters Program at “La Sapienza” University at Rome.

He directed over 27 “Seven Days in Nature” educational camps in the region of Abruzzo, training countless groups of young volunteers in fire prevention.

His many relief operations include those carried out following the earthquake in the region of Umbria, Italy, in March 1997, the floods in 2000 in Piedmont, and the Molise earthquake in 2002, where he coordinated and led the team to help victims.

Spagnoli also participated in international missions for which he established and led an intervention group with members from several countries. They organized interventions in 1999 in Albania, in 2005 in Thailand and Pakistan, and in 2006 and 2008 in Indonesia.

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New Acropolis gave a lecture entitled “comparative philosophy” at the Institute Agustín Elizalde in Ciudadela, attended by students in grades 5 and 6 years and several teachers from the center. The main objective was to promote the philosophy of rescuing its classical meaning “love of knowledge”, and highlight the value of an education as broad and varied as possible.

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Cleaning forestIoannina: participation in the national action “Let’s do it”

In the framework of the activities of the Greek Waste Management Company and the Environmental organization of Attica, the volunteers of K.O.D.E. of Ioannina participated by cleaning the surrounding forest.This way they wanted to promote the volunteer action and hope for a better environment and a better world, claiming as well as the motto of the global campaign Lets do it“!


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