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We celebrated the Purim Holiday by hosting a mythical costume ball in the spirit of the ancient times. The party, which took place in the Tel Aviv central branch, included a costume contest and dancing. The external masks gave us the opportunity to remove an internal mask for a moment, and to become a mythical character.

The event attracted 100 people.


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National Gallery UK

New Acropolis London organised a guided tour of the National Gallery, focusing on 10 famous works of art, including “Vision of a Knight” by Raphael, “Venus and Mars” by Botticelli and “The Virgin of the Rocks” by Leonardo da Vinci. The purpose of the visit was to discover the philosophical meanings behind the paintings, as well as providing a general education on the history and techniques of painting.

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A cooperation between New Acropolis Brasilia and the Italian Art Association resulted in an exhibition of reprints of the main works of the great artist and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci on a similar scale to the originals. In addition to his paintings, visitors were also able to examine in detail some of his inventions made by artists from Florence, Italy.

The opening of the exhibition featured artistic performances and a guided viewing for those attending. The display, which was open to the public throughout the whole of February, was part of the cultural programme dedicated to the Renaissance and its great contribution to humanity in all areas of knowledge.
OINABN-2013-009 OINABN-2013-008

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2400 years ago Plato – a great thinker, mathematician, writer of philosophical dialogues and disciple of Socrates – founded the Academy, the first institute of higher education in the Western world.

To celebrate this occasion the Imaginalia Centre has initiated a series of events about Plato as a tribute to this great philosopher. The season comprises a series of lectures to be given over the course of the year, which will show the wide range of topics that Plato bequeathed to humanity.

The season was inaugurated with a lecture entitled “What Plato would say about Love” given by Iván Rodes.

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On 6th March students and friends of New Acropolis Lisbon carried out a volunteering activity for the residents of the Montepio Retirement Home in the town of Montijo. The event consisted of a poetry recital by the New Acropolis Poetry Group “Florbela Espanca”, with a special guest appearance by the young poet Diana Santos.

The recital was followed by a musical performance by volunteers who sang popular songs from Alentejo, as well as songs by singer-songwriter José Afonso.  We are very grateful to José Patrão, 5th Dan and a representative of the Nihon Karate-do Shotokai in Portugal, for his invaluable guitar accompaniment, and to his wife Rosa who led the final chorus with her beautiful voice.





Volunteers singing popular Portuguese songs in the Montijo Centre for the Elderly (Portugal)


At the end of the event New Acropolis volunteers distributed flowers among those present.

This social volunteering initiative is part of the volunteering work that New Acropolis has been carrying out around the world since 1957.

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Peruvian Ministry of Women and Social Development granted recognition to the International Philosophical Organisation New AcropolisOn 13th March, the Peruvian Ministry of Women and Social Development granted recognition to the International Philosophical Organisation New Acropolis for its significant volunteering work over the last 44 years in Peru.

This recognition is granted to institutions that carry out serious and sustained voluntary work that has had an important impact on the country.

The award was presented by the representative of the Peruvian Ministry of Women and Social Development, Mrs. María Teresa Marticorena. She congratulated New Acropolis for its work, which has benefited children, adults and the elderly, as well as the volunteers themselves, who improve themselves as human beings through these actions.

New Acropolis carries out volunteering work in several different areas, such as education, culture, health and environmental protection. It also provides humanitarian aid through its programmes aimed at improving the quality of life in retirement homes, children’s homes, and shelters, as well as providing support for people affected by intense cold and natural disasters.

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New Acropolis organised a lecture on “Ideals of the Renaissance” at the Faculty of Fine Arts in the Portuguese capital. The lecture was given by Prof. Harry Costin, who approached the topic from a historical and humanistic perspective.

Continuing with the Renaissance theme on the following day, Prof. Costin gave another well-attended talk entitled “The Seven Lights of the Renaissance” .

Harry Costin studied Strategy at Boston University and has a Masters in Education from Harvard University. He is a great admirer of the Renaissance legacy and believes it can provide us with keys to inspire a renewal of contemporary thought and help to create a better future.

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