First Aid and CPR Workshop (Montevideo, Uruguay)

New Acropolis Uruguay offered a public workshop on First Aid and CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) at its headquarters in Montevideo. Participants were able to make use of the AED (Automated External […]

Painting Workshop for Young People (Greece)

The New Acropolis art group once again organized a workshop open to all interested young people. At the first meeting they studied the basic rules of drawing and creating light […]

School Day at the Doganovo Orphanage (Bulgaria)

On 18th October volunteers from New Acropolis Bulgaria visited the orphanage in the village of Doganovo. This time they helped children with their school subjects, trying to make maths more […]

Visit to the Piraeus Museum (Athens, Greece)

The psychology of woman and the role she has to develop in today’s society was one of the topics discussed by members of New Acropolis in Athens. The meeting culminated […]

The Sacred Path of the Warrior (Australia)

Presentation by Ron Ragel, international musician and sitar player; healing sound yoga therapist; author and educator. After twenty-five years of spiritual quest, he shared his teachings and wisdom about the […]