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En torno al fuegoWe recently republished an article with this title, Gather around the fire“, written more than 30 years by the founder of New Acropolis , Professor Jorge Angel Livraga Rizzi. As perhaps many ye could not read then, now you can enjoy it and judge whether content is no longer relevant to point out the problems of modern society.

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In the first of the twelve doorways that await us in this year 1983, it is good – or perhaps simply inevitable – to sharpen the sight and hearing of the Soul in order to detect what the future holds in store for us, based on the interaction between our own characteristics and the environment, under the curved shadow of the dented scythe of time.

We will not consult the stars because we are ignorant of such matters, nor will we consult men because they deceive us.

We are together, but we are alone.

I once said that no man is alone if he is with God, and that remains metaphysically true, but our hands are slipping away in the darkness, and in the smallness that conditions everything human we find little else but darkness, dampness and cold. Yes… this damp cold of the beginning of the Age of Aquarius in which all things tend to dissolve, and as they collapse and lose their age-old forms, we console our dulled reason by telling each other that these changes are the dynamics of the currents of life. And that everything will be for the best. So accustomed is our tongue to this catchphrase that no sooner has our mouth opened than it pronounces it; although now it does so between gritted teeth…

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