Scottish and Irish Folk Music concert in Bilbao, Spain

Artistic Activities, Culture

As part of the “Young Artists” program sponsored by New Acropolis Bilbao, which aims to promote music and stimulate children just starting out in music, two concerts of Scottish and Irish Folk Music were held.  Two young instrumentalists, a violinist and a guitarist, performed works full of joy and vitality from different places.

Scotland – Mary, Young and Fair, (Air); The Flowers of Edinburgh (reel) – Miss Sally Hunter of Thurston, Nathaniel Gow (jig); Brochan Lom (Strathspey)
Ireland – The Brindal (jig); The Wind that Shakes the Barley (reel)
Ireland and England – The Peeler’s away with my daughter (jig); The Staffordshire Hornpipe (hornpipe)
England – Country Gardens (hornpipe); The girl I left behind me (march)
Ireland and England – Danny Boy (air); Morpeth rant (hornpipe)
England – Constant Billy (morris dance); The keel row (hornpipe)
Selection of reels from the Shetland Islands – Jack broke da prison door; Donald blue; Sleep soond in da mornin; Lassies trust in providence; Bonnie isle o’ whalsay
Scotland and Ireland – Mrs Jamieson’s Favourite, Charles Grant (air); Red- Haired boy (hornpipe)

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