Social Volunteering

In the final month of 2012, social and humanitarian volunteering activities have taken place in all of the New Acropolis headquarters of Romania. Below, we present some of the most important volunteering initiatives:

The acropolitan members of the central headquarters in Bucharest have organized Christmas card and puppet making workshops on the 24th of November and on the 1st of December. The first meeting was with 28 children of Roma ethnicity from Săruleşti village, and the second one with 30 children with hearing deficiencies. The children, with ages between 6 and 12, greeted the acropolitans’ proposals and openness with great enthusiasm.

Upon finding out about the existence of 15 needy families with 50 children in an isolated village from Călăraşi County, a group of New Acropolis members mobilized themselves and journeyed through the snow on the 22nd of December, near the Christmas holiday, to give them clothes, toys and food.

Everything was gathered and donated by the acropolitan members of the central headquarters in Bucharest.

For 3 years now, members of the Cluj-Napoca branch have been volunteering to help the children of one of the oldest orphanages in the country, Princhindel. In this respect, acropolitans along with some external volunteers come together twice a month in the New Acropolis headquarters in Cluj-Napoca with 15 children, aged between 11 and 18, with the aim of learning and playing together. This program is meant to help them with their school homework, but it also includes other activities such as: games, contests, watching movies, and outdoor trips to which the children look forward with much joy and enthusiasm. At special occasions, like Christmas, Easter or birthdays, the children receive presents so they know they are not alone in the world.

The Constanţa branch has once again brought smiles on the faces of the young ones from the Sparta Rotterdam Orphanage in Techirghiol. The acropolitans tended to the children with special needs, playing interactive games and showing them cartoons meant to aid them develop a better interaction and social integration. Moreover, the children also received Christmas presents. This meeting has proven to be a good opportunity to cement the bonds which were born of previous volunteering actions.

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The Timișoara branch, with the support of the Municipality and the help of other generous people, organized the Volunteering Days event, which included the following activities. On the 13th of December the New Acropolis members sang carols and offered 100 food packages to the elders of the City Hall Day Center. The friendship between the acropolitans and the elders is now 3 years old.


On the 18th of December, 14 children and their families gathered at the New Acropolis headquarters in Timișoara, some of them for the sixth time, some for the first, to meet Santa Claus. The children sang Christmas songs, recited poems, and Santa offered them beautiful and useful presents: clothes, food, games, books, and also guitar, piano, painting and swimming lessons.

The New Acropolis Association of Timişoara has also helped with the renovation of a shelter for sick and injured birds by acquiring the construction materials needed for their cages.

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On the 12th of December, the Iaşi branch organized a clay modeling workshop for 15 children with hearing deficiencies from the “Vasile Pavelcu” School. At the end of the creative workshop, the children received sweets for Christmas.


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