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New Acropolis in Florianopolis, was invited by the Civil Defense for the Organizing Committee of the State stage of the 2nd CNPDC – National Conference on Protection and Civil Defense, held in Brasilia next month of May.
According to Mayor Fabiano, the Committee that organized the Conference will include representation of the public sector, civil society, professional advice and the law, and the scientific community. The director of the School of Volunteers of New Acropolis in Florianopolis, Roberto Pertile, representative of the School in the Committee, formed part of the Symposium as a delegate, and on this occasion he talked about the importance of volunteerism in emergencies; and the protection of citizens in case of disasters that result from climatic adversities.
After the meeting, was held the election of delegates that will go to the event at the state level. There will be 500 delegates representing various regions of the state of Santa Catarina. In addition to Roberto Pertile, representing New Acropolis will be Wallace F. Nagashima, who was also elected delegate, and close to 30 volunteers.

The aim of the Symposium is to address the policy of protection and civil defense, where each municipality or region holds its stage to discuss their needs and solutions. The outcome of this meeting is forwarded to State level and at the end they will compose the national guidelines. The State event will take place in the city of Lages, on March 26th and 27th.

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OINAUR Dia de la Mujer1On Saturday March 15, commemorating International Women’s Day declared by UNESCO, a series of activities was held at the headquarters in Montevideo-Uruguay .This series included a lecture on “Women and Art”, recalling some artists who have contributed with their work to universal art, but who unfortunately have not been sufficiently remembered by history. There was also a mini-recital with works by the pianist and composer Clara Shumann, performed by Sabrina Palleira, a volunteer of our institution. And finally we enjoyed a poetry recital by the young artist Daniella Scuadroni, a New Acropolis volunteer, who recited her own works as well as from the Uruguayan writer Juana de Ibarbourou.
OINAUR Dia de la Mujer 2
We are deeply grateful for the on-going support of the National Commission of Uruguay for UNESCO, from which we benefited on this occasion as well. 

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Mitos-de-PlatonNA Publishing House presents this new edition dedicated to the Greek philosopher.

‘Plato is of those who relies on the myths to get us closer to what he considers the only realities, the Archetypes, those ideas that are the source of everything that exists in the material world, because the myth is a tool to open a door to something transcendent.’

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Patra: Learning about the past Members and friends of New Acropolis in Patra visited the archaeological museum in the city, an immersion in ancient times, its symbols and the significance of the archaeological pieces.

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Minute of kindness logoNew Acropolis Russia invites all to participate in the campaign ‘Minute of goodness’ with a short video in support of this wonderful initiative. Surprisingly, we are prepared and we are happy to help others, but we are so busy with our own thoughts and worries that we seem to forget that.

Misunderstandings are part of our lives, but it is not worth dwelling on them. Help us to discover our best being, and that includes the possibility of sharing the goodness. Share your goodness and the world will be a little better!

The rules of the campaign are: Anyone can participate. Make a one-minute video and share in something good. It can be a song, a poem, a true story or your own words – anything that contains a message of kindness. It should be approximately one minute long.  The logo should be visible on the screen during the video. Send the video via YouTube or via any sharing files site and send a link to The title of the video must contain the title of the campaign, the name and surname of the author and the city where you live. The video will be downloaded to the channel dedicated to ‘Minute of goodness’ in YouTube after verification of the moderators.

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DSC06424New Acropolis organized a debate entitled ‘Nutri-therapy – healthy eating’ with a brief opening talk from the director of New Acropolis in Bulgaria, based on an investigation of the ‘Seraphis Institute of New Medicine’. There were quite a few questions about the perfect relationship between the quantity and quality of food products, and as an example, the impact of milk, sugar, salt and coffee in our body was discussed. Also discussed was the function of different nutrients for the body and the harmful artificial ingredients in foods we eat, and the principles and effects of a selective nutrition.
At the end a healthy supper was prepared that contained a wide variety of dishes made with quality products, following a special selection of recipes.

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