18 visual hours in the context of International Youth Day (Guatemala)

Artistic Activities

DSC_068618 hours of activities with music, painting of murals and short films in the framework of International Youth Day: a festival entitled 18 Visual Hours and organized by New Acropolis Guatemala.

Several artists participated in this “artistic marathon” including Kevin & Kebin, Asinosedibuja, Carlos Lobo, Luisfer Izquierdo, Wilker, Poliritmos de Guatemala, Sofía Miranda y Casa Comal.  They all showed that youth is an attitude to life and not an age; they told of their dreams, their sources of inspiration, their beginnings in the world of art and above all, their desire to create a space for youths to express themselves.
DSC_0691DSC_0817 DSC_0847 IMG_0363

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