A theatrical evening with Shekhar Sen (Mumbai, India)

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Velada teatral con Shekhar SensThe center of New Acropolis in Mumbai had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Shekhar Sen, who offered us a lecture-performance on February 5th. Mr. Shekhar Sen is an acclaimed theatre artist. He prepared the screenplay, performed, directed his works and acted with a single hand. His performances are inspired by themes such as Kabir, Tulsidas and Surdas, Vivekananda, etc. The performance carried out in our center was a combination of the trip of Mr. Sens as artist with a medley of performances of his several games.  Around 60 guests enjoyed this event that lasted almost two hours including a question and answer session.
Velada teatral con Shekhar Sens Velada teatral con Shekhar Sens

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