Celebrating the birth of Rome (Italy)

Cultural Activities

Los nacimientos de Roma n° 2On a distant April 21st 2,767 years ago, on Palatine Hill, were the seeds of a new civilization: Rome. Why celebrate today its foundation? There are many reasons including a respect for all the values that it was able to embody throughout its historical cycle, and a  profound love of our roots. From historical, social, cultural, architectural, linguistic, etc. points of view, Rome represented a dramatic change for the whole of humanity.
Los nacimientos de Roma n° 1
Volunteers of New Acropolis in Rome made a trip in time to rediscover the origins of this great civilization, recreating the figures of Numa Pompilio and his nymph counselor, Egeria.

A lecture and archeo-game was presented in one of the most famous parks of the “eternal city”, heritage of all mankind.

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