Earth Day, clean-up day (Budapest, Hungary)

Ecological Volunteering, Volunteering

Cleaning Rakos brook in Budapest_1New Acropolis volunteers in Budapest celebrated Earth Day with an ecological action along the banks of the Rákos brook in a district of the Hungarian capital. Besides some local residents, members of the Jane Goodall Institute participated in the event.

The day started with the traditional spinning of the Wheel of Virtues. It landed on the virtue of Creativity which proved to be more than useful in coping with the challenges of the whimsical April weather and the tons of household garbage and construction debris scattered alongside the brook. Finally some twenty young volunteers could proudly show the results of a hard day’s work: more than 140 large bags of garbage at the end of the rainy day
Cleaning Rakos brook in Budapest_3
Cleaning Rakos brook in Budapest_2

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