Ecophilosophy in Action (Argentina)

Ecological Volunteering

On June 29th, a Sunday morning, the New Acropolis group of social volunteerism organized a day of cleaning and reforestation of various native species in the protected areas of the Alegre Wood to support the municipality of San Isidro. Carried out in collaboration with the Rangers of the Reserva Ribera Norte, it was the first activity of its kind Protected in perpetuity, Alegre Wood is a constantly growing reed bed, however its coastal scrub is threatened. The Wood is an exclusive ambiance of the Plata River where alders and willows grow. With the aim of environmental recovery, New Acropolis regularly works in all protected areas of San Isidro, carrying out clean-ups, planting, exotic plants control, reparation of trails, etc. To conclude the day, volunteers gathered to share their experiences and reflect on the importance of teamwork.
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