Second module of Bonsai course (Curitiba-PR, Brazil)

Educational Activities

New Acropolis Curitiba organized a second module of the Bonsai workshop presented by Professor Carlos Turqueti, a member of the Association of Paraná Bonsai. This workshop aims to rescue a native tradition of Japan, which seeks the integration of human beings with nature and extracting its harmonic forms. According to Prof. Turqueti: “When working on bonsai we can appreciate and also develop some personality traits such as patience, responsibility, aesthetic sense and efficiency. Patience can be obtained due to the difference in speed between the vital development of human beings and of a bonsai. Responsibility is developed because we have a living creature under our care. The aesthetic sense is enhanced by the harmonious form that we give to the miniature tree. Finally, effectiveness is the application of all these virtues, with a conscious result: the bonsai.” Bonsai connect human beings with nature in a profound way, and give an opportunity to become aware of its laws and learn how to avoid damaging it.
Bonsai_Curitiba01 Bonsai_Curitiba02

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