New Acropolis participates in the annual “24 hours of Sciences of Quebec”

Educational Activities

24 heures de science
During the annual “24 hours of Sciences of Quebec”, New  Acropolis held an interactive lecture about the role of  “Numbers, figures and forms” that can be found at the origin of all manifestations in Nature, including the human being.

The beauty and the harmony of the living world cannot leave anyone indifferent.

Participants discovered, through the Fibonacci series, the golden mean and Pascal’s triangle, the art of centering oneself and conquering other dimensions of reality. Everyone observed how the impeccable order and organisation of the cosmos are governed by laws whose causes are geometrical figures and interrelations between numbers.

Participants also reflected on the role of the human being in such a harmonious and organised universe. Participants were entranced to discover new perspectives on the mystery that surrounds us, the mystery of the human being and the mystery of consciousness which make us seekers of truth – that is to say, philosophers.

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