The Cour Pétral: European Heritage Days in the future city of craftsmanship (France)

Artistic Activities

Nouvelle Acropole, Journées du Patrimoine 2014.Cour PétralNouvelle Acropole, Journées du Patrimoine 2014, Atelier de lagunage à la Cour PétralThe abbey of La Cour Petral opened its doors to the public for the European Heritage Days. This former Trappist abbey has been for almost twenty-five years restored by volunteers from New Acropolis France, applying training in traditional building techniques.

Around 150 visitors came to discover the Cour Petral through: guided tours of the different buildings, a photographic exhibition and a video showcasing the daily life of the sisters of the abbey at the time when it functioned as such, and practical workshops of demonstration and application of volunteerism.

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