Volunteers provide different services in the Amparo abuela Walquiria Home (Santos, Brazil)

Social Volunteering, Volunteering

Santos_003_Amparo abuela_Walquiria_en_Santos Santos_004_Amparo abuela_Walquiria_en_SantosSantos_005_Amparo abuela_Walquiria_en_SantosSantos_006_Amparo abuela_Walquiria_en_Santos Santos_007_Amparo abuela_Walquiria_en_SantosSantos_015_Amparo abuela_Walquiria_en_SantosA group of 37 volunteers from New Acropolis in Santos, Brazil, provided different repair services and technical assistance to seniors at the Amparo abuela Walquiria Home, located in São Vicente (City of Santos). The teams of volunteers worked on several fronts, including painting the walls, recovering the structure of some beds of iron, and beauty (brush, manicure and pedicure). They also provided services related to occupational therapy – such as drawing and movements with plasticine. Music and reading further contributed to the good atmosphere that was generated among all.

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