XI Volunteerism Fair (Athens, Greece)

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11th Fair for Volunteerism

XI Volunteerism Fair, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’.

Under this motto 40 organizations and hundreds of volunteers once again invited all the attendees who visited the open volunteerism fair held in ‘Technopolis’ (Gazi, in the center of Athens).

The public who came to the fair had the opportunity to learn more closely about the true nature of volunteerism and the work of numerous organizations through events, presentations, brochures and a multitude of flash presentations.
11th Fair for Volunteerism
The organizing associations of the fair were: “Μerimna Zois ONG”, “New Acropolis”, Praksis, AIESEC, AEGEE-Atenas, EKPI.ZO. EDRA, Evropaiki Ekfrasi, Unión Panhelénica de actividades adaptadas “ALMA”, KE.PNET (Promotion Center for entrepreneurship and technology of youths).

Participating organizations included: UNICEF, Cruz Roja Helénica, Floga, Hatzikyriakio Child Care Institution, Kentro Zois, Hellenic Scouting Corps, “Be Strong” Kethea Ford, Asociación “Trauma Pediátrico” .

‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. Mahatma Gandhi Movement of Voluntary Organizations www.simetexo.gr

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