Working with children and youths of the Community of Salgueiro (Tijuca, Río de Janeiro, Brazil)

Social Volunteering

2014 Tijuca Brasil-S AcciónSocial_Salgueiro22014 Tijuca Brasil-S AcciónSocial_Salgueiro1Social Action in the Community of Salgueiro, in Tijuca, where volunteers of New Acropolis have been working with children and young people for more than two years.

During the month of October, the activities were mostly with children, and included various fun tasks as: storytelling, facepainting, activities of relaxation and stretching of the body. There were also computer games to create awareness of the importance of coexistence.


2014 Tijuca Brasil-S AcciónSocial_Salgueiro32014 Tijuca Brasil-S AcciónSocial_Salgueiro5

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