Commemorating Environment Week – Criciúma (Brazil)

Ecological Volunteering

The Organization New Acropolis of Criciúma (Santa Catalina, Brazil) celebrated Environment Week with a public activity in the Nereu Ramos Square, and distributed to participants stems of aromatic, medicinal and ornamental plants. An interactive clothesline of good environmental practices was also present, as a way to promote more conscious behaviors in people.

In this way, New Acropolis intended to promote among participants, by means of Philosophy in the classic manner, that nature deserves care, not only for the preservation of its resources, but by the fact that nature is life and any kind of life deserves respect. In this way, New Acropolis joined World Environment Day promoted by the United Nations on June 5th, whereby all people must pay attention to the importance of the conservation of natural resources and to the planet in general.

2015 Criciúma Brasil-S Medio Ambiente1 2015 Criciúma Brasil-S Medio Ambiente2 2015 Criciúma Brasil-S Medio Ambiente3

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