Interview in the magazine ‘Justo Medio’ with the director of New Acropolis Peru in the context of World Philosophy Day (Peru)

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entrevista_revista_justo_medio_redThe Peruvian magazine ‘Justo Medio’ published an interview conducted with Professor Beatriz Diez Canseco, director of New Acropolis in this country, entitled ‘The world needs more philosophy’, on the occasion of World Philosophy Day.

In this interview, Prof. Diez Canseco explained how philosophy can generate greater awareness about oneself and the needs of the environment, thus becoming an important engine of actions for the good of society.

“The thousands of young people who participate in our School of Philosophy in more than 50 countries succeed in widening their vision of life and of themselves, analyzing the problems of society with a pro-active approach, developing tolerance toward different cultures, fostering their values and learning to generate positive changes in themselves and their environment. By expanding their awareness, they are naturally inclined to develop various volunteer actions to benefit the education, culture, health, environment and quality of life of the people in the place in which they are… and they do so with great joy. This shows us that philosophy is not only a contemplative attitude, but that it is an engine of actions toward the improvement of society”, explained Beatriz Diez Canseco.

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