Talk-discussion on the film ‘Fernão Capelo Gaivota’ (Taubaté, SP, Brazil)

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Fernão Capelo Gaivota is a 1973 film directed by Hall Bartlett, adaptated from the novel by Richard Bach (Jonathan Livingston Seagull, 1970).
The story focuses on a gull named Fernão, who one day decides that flying is more than just a way to move from one place to another. The story is about Fernão’s fascination with the stunts he can do, and the changes in his seagull clan group. It is a story about freedom, learning and love.

The objective of this talk-discussion activity was to discuss the different keys of interpretation that the movie proposes, as when Fernão becomes frustrated with materialism, his sense of duty and the limitations of the life of a seagull. The talk highlighted the importance of being true to oneself and to one’s ideals and how to be authentic in our times.

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