Learning ‘How to Choose’ in New Acropolis Mumbai (India)

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The New Acropolis center in Mumbai hosted a two hour lecture entitled How to Choose, presented by Sivan Barzilay, a teacher at the center. The lecture was attended by close to 50 participants, and touched upon the challenges that one often faces when making decisions, including the need to distinguish right from wrong and some common traps that deter decision making such as the fear of failure and viewing a decision as a loss of freedom.

The speaker also spoke about the nature of man as a vibrant combination of matter and spirit, also in the context of Abraham Maslow’s “hierarchy of needs” framework.
The difference between the “freedom of the personality” and the “freedom from the personality” was highlighted as a theme that could be beneficial for every person to investigate. A reassessment of priorities in society and in our educational system was proposed, to move towards more effective decision-making.

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