‘Manashakti’ workshop at the SUPPORT drug rehabilitation center (Mumbai, India)

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The Active Ecology department of New Acropolis India North conducted a workshop to work with Kids of SUPPORT, a drug rehabilitation center in Mumbai. The program was titled Manashakti or the “strength of the mind” and was aimed at working with children at the center with exercises to focus and be more attentive through mental engagement. New Acropolis volunteers conducted various activities directed towards strengthening mental health like breathing exercises, flame concentration, puzzles, lazy eight, a drawing workshop and an origami workshop. The children participated with enthusiasm.
The event ended with an interaction session where some of the children expressed their interest to work for social causes!

SUPPORT (society undertaking poor people’s onus for rehabilitation) works on the rehabilitation of drug addicted poor children from the streets of Mumbai. The approach is a 3 step process of de-addiction, education and vocational training. They aim to launch back the children in the mainstream as healthy and independent young adults. Its founder Mrs. Sujata Ganega has been pursuing this goal for over 3 decades.



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