Myths and Symbols: messengers of the spirit and carriers of the sacred in contemporary society? (Paris, France)

Cultural Activities

Nouvelle acropole, conférence D. Duquet « Mythes et symboles » à Paris 11On the occasion of the series of lectures on ‘Philosophy and the Sacred’, Dominique Duquet presented his latest research on ‘Myths and Symbols’ at New Acropolis Paris and in collaboration with the Hermes International Institute of Anthropology . What is the role of the imagination and of the sacred in our society? Without a symbolic life the human heart dries up and his creativity withers. Aren’t symbols, as thought Jung, messengers of the spirit and carriers of the sacred? And isn’t the sacred in oneself an inherent characteristic of human consciousness?
What place are symbols and rites of initiation given in contemporary society? What role do archetypes and myths of traditional and modern civilizations play?

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