The social project ‘Children for the Good’ presents the ballet ‘Swan Lake’ (Brasilia, Brazil)

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OINABN 2014 dia filosofia 10The project ‘Children for the Good’, promoted by the Department of Social Action of New Acropolis in Brasilia, presented the show Swan Lake in the Eva Herz Theater of the Cultura Bookstore, with the participation of 60 children and adolescents from the  Varjo, Itapo, and Paranoá communities.



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The dance workshop Filosodança, head of the project, uses classical ballet as a driving force in the learning process, providing the development of new skills and socialization, giving students the recovery of one’s self-esteem in the face of life and the development of sensitivity, discipline, reasoning, musical rhythm, motor skills and sociability.



The department of Social Action of New Acropolis in Brasilia offers young people from deprived communities, free medical, dental and psychological services, as well as workshops for school tutoring, music, ballet, drawing, crafts, cuisine and more.
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