Tribute to Experience. Celebration of International Day of Older Persons at the San José Home (Trujillo, Peru)

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Nearly 130 adults of the San Jose Home of Trujillo enjoyed an entertaining morning celebrating International Day of Older Persons.

Everyone danced and recalled their best times to the beat of folk music as well as enjoying a live show, in which volunteers presented a typical dance of Cusco, the ‘Huayño Valicha’.

As several of them do not receive visits for long periods of time, they were very happy to receive some gifts along with this recognition and the warmth and care of the volunteers, who shared with them wonderful moments.

The regional satellite channel UCV of Trujillo published a note to publicize this celebration in which participated volunteers of New Acropolis Trujillo.

Video: Coverage by UCV satellite of Trujillo

Voluntariado Nueva Acrópolis Perú - Trujillo - Hogar de ancianos San Jose

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