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AKROPOLI I RI (9)New Acropolis Tirana, participated in the Career Fair organized by the Faculty of Economy of University of Tirana. This event was an opportunity for students to get to know New Acropolis’ three fields of action: Philosophy (practical philosophy, the art of dialogue), Culture (clubs of photography, theater, martial arts, etc.), and Volunteering (donations, educational activities for orphans, etc.).

We believe in an active human being who can transcend cultural, ideological, and physical barriers. Today more than ever it is important to participate in these sectors in order to promote a more solidarity-based society.


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Kocici_utulek_Louny2New Acropolis volunteers organized a meeting to help the feline refuge which is located in the city of Louny. Fences, gates and water supplies were repaired.



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2016-V-Eslovaquia-001On the occasion of the celebration of Earth Day, an environmental forum was organized in the city of Košice at which New Acropolis was invited to present its activities and its philosophical approach to ecology.

The Director of New Acropolis Košice took the opportunity to invite all attendees to participate in an ecological activity organized on this occasion together with several municipalities.

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“For the third consecutive year, in celebration of philosophy, we are here to highlight the importance of philosophy today.” With these words Mrs. Semi Goufa, general secretary of New Acropolis Greece, opened the event for World Philosophy Day, at the central bookstore ‘Public’ in the center of Athens.

Well-known speakers from the academic and cultural spheres participated in the open event entitled ‘Philosophy Returns’.  The president of the New Acropolis organization in Greece, Maria Jimenez-Planas, emphasized that “Philosophy returns as a continuous present whenever man lifts his gaze upward, every time man turns his eyes toward his fellow man.” At the opening of the event the greeting from Catherine Tzitzikosta, President of the Greek National Commission for UNESCO, was read.




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New Acropolis centers in cities such as Odessa, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Poltava and Mykolaiv celebrated World Philosophy Day with the presentation of various publications translated into the Ukrainian language in 2015-2016, namely: Rowing Against the Current, a collection of articles by Jorge Angel Livraga; Philosophy for Living by Delia Steinberg Guzman and What is Ancient Philosophy by Pierre Hadot.

In addition to the book presentations, talk-debates on the addressed themes, and theatrical performances were held, including Plato’s cave allegory.

Presentation of books published by New Acropolis in Ukraine in the Central Library of Mykolaiv city

Presentation of  New Acropolis books – Mykolaiv city

Presentation of the book What Is Ancient Philosophy by Pierre Hadot by New Acropolis of Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine)

Presentation of the book ‘What is Ancient Philosophy?’ by Pierre Hadot at New Acropolis Ivano-Frankivsk

A winner of the philosophical quiz receives a book as a prize

The winner of the philosophical quiz received a book as prize at New Acropolis Ivano-Frankivsk

Presentation of the book Rowing Against the Current by Jorge Angel Livraga by New Acropolis of Odesa (Ukraine)

Presentation of the book ‘Rowing Against the Current’ by Jorge Angel Livraga at New Acropolis Poltava

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seminario lisboaManuel Ruiz, biologist and director of New Acropolis Jaen (Spain), traveled to the Portuguese city of Lisbon to teach the seminar ‘Recent discoveries in Anthropology: who appeared first, man or monkey?’. The theme was addressed from a scientific and philosophical perspective.

In the words of Manuel Ruiz: “The complex process of anthropogenesis is far from being completely understood by science, however, the discoveries and advances of the last decade have revolutionized knowledge in the field of Paleoanthropology.”

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OINAB-N_DiaFilosofia5Once again this past year New Acropolis Brazil celebrated World Philosophy Day.
This year the theme was ‘Ethics as Art of Living’. The program of activities included an exhibition on the lives of great men and women throughout history which exemplified Ethics. In addition, talks and artistic performances were presented.

Is philosophy a simple set of rules and conventions limited to a time or place, changing to the passage of fashions, or might it be a natural attitude of the human being? By knowing the human being, we can understand the values of fraternity and justice, and develop them consciously.





















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