Photography Contest (Slovenia)

On the occasion of the arrival of Spring, New Acropolis Slovenia held a photography contest with the allegorical theme “Wake up”. The images were shared on our Facebook where people could […]

Games for kids: ‘Who loves stories?’ (Rijeka, Croatia)

New Acropolis Rijeka volunteers held a day of children’s activities titled ‘Who loves stories?’ at the Kraljevica Rehabilitation Center. Children enjoyed stories, songs and rhymes, through popular characters and animals such as kings […]

Commemoration of Earth Day 2016 in Syracuse (Italy)

On the occasion of Earth Day 2016, New Acropolis Syracuse organized “Green Coding” and creative recycling workshops for children  and presented an interesting lecture on “Climate change”, with the participation of experts […]

‘Think Green’ workshop (Seoul, South Korea)

The workshop ‘Think Green’ addressed various environmental problems, their causes, and some possible ways to overcome them. The traditional perspectives of ancient civilizations regarding various aspects of life remind us of our […]