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In collaboration with the Student Cultural Center in Belgrade, New Acropolis presented the lecture ‘The era of communication’. Participants agreed that communication today, while able to reach unprecedented range with the assistance of technology, somehow seems to be losing depth, that is, the quality of the content it carries.

The lecture emphasized man’s inner life and his ability to express it and allow others to do the same. It is through inner life enrichment, through self-investigation, that one gains the ability of clearer expression of ideas, thoughts and feelings.

By overcoming our instincts that often act as communication blockers, we can open the door towards a more profound and humane communication. This allows us to not only to respond to messages of other people, but also to establish closer bonds, between our minds and hearts.



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New edition of the National Meeting  of Sciences “Mamalluca”, in charge of the Teachers at New Acropolis: Fernando Oyarce, pharmaceutical chemist, Hector Cuevas, doctor of astronomy and Amelia Ramírez, physicist.

Themes addressed centered on the nature of phenomena such as: the nature of atoms, of cells, of Earth, of living beings, of the universe. The activity brought together a large group of participants interested in these scientific mysteries.
Mamalluca Chile

Mamalluca Chile 2

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The ‘Esquilo’ Theater Group  of New Acropolis Merida (Venezuela) was a winner at the 32nd Student Theater Festival for their staging of the work Don Quixote of La Mancha.


In this presentation, Don Quixote and Sancho demonstrate how possible and near are those dreams and ideals of the past, believed today to be lost and forgotten.

Along with first place, the group obtained awards for best actors (Quixote and Sancho), an honorable mention for best props and an award for outstanding performance (Dulcinea).


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Patricia Muñoz Peralta, director of New Acropolis Guatemala, accompanied by Professor Roberto Pérez, visited the central branch of New Acropolis Lisbon (Portugal) where they presented the seminar “Ancient Maya: the sacred book Popol Vuh and the spirituality of the Maya”.

The activity was presented in two parts. First, Professor Roberto Pérez explained the creation myth as it is described in the Popol Vuh and unveiled some of the most representative myths of the Maya such as the famous ball game.

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Open classroom organized by New Acropolis Governador Valadares (Minas Gerais-Brazil) at the peak of Ibiturana, the main tourist destination of the city, a majestic black stone which can be seen from all the districts of the city.

On this occasion, the classes were I Ai Do and Kyudo. I Ai Do is the Japanese martial art of unsheathing the sword, and Kyudo is the Japanese martial art of archery.

2016 GV Brasil-S AAMM1 2016 GV Brasil-S AAMM2

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New Acropolis Valencia collected various materials including clothing, towels, blankets, etc. for subsequent delivery to the Valencian Society for the protection of animals and plants (S.V.P.A.P), and the animals hosted by the shelters.

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New Acropolis in Bulgaria organized a three-day course for young philosophers in nature. The participants enjoyed very inspiring classes and different psychological exercises.

In the workshops, there was a special focus dedicated to the four elements of nature: participants had to overcome various challenges related to Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Thus they put to the test their strength, endurance, creativity, problem-solving and teamwork, in a great atmosphere of joy and laughter!

IMG_1623_newsIMG_1868_news IMG_4531_news

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