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An evening that included a theoretical presentation about Indian Sacred Dance and a beautiful performance was given by our guest speaker Miti Desai. She is the founder of a cultural collective dedicated to the study and practice of sacred arts and holistic sciences with a spiritual vision and lifestyle. Through her presentation, the audience was transported into a different understanding of dance, which is focused on the experience of the formless through the form. Her ideas were harmoniously complemented by her live performance, including poetry, music and movement. The evening was well attended and participants were able to witness an expression of what sacred dance is. The speaker was able to enchant the audience with some mythological descriptions and afterwards the same ideas were transmitted through movement.

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In commemoration of World Philosophy Day, New Acropolis Montreal organized an event with two guest speakers, neuroscience researcher Dr. Mario Beauregard and Denis Bricnet, Director of New Acropolis Canada.
Close to 200 people attended this event at the Beaubien Theater in Montreal.

During the first part of the evening, Dr. Beauregard gave a lecture titled ‘The Next Great Scientific Revolution’. He demonstrated how, according to new scientific research, the mind and will have power over the brain and are a major aspect of nature. This goes against the modern materialistic view, which sees the brain as what produces consciousness and the mind. Dr. Beauregard thus invites us all to change paradigms, meaning to change how we perceive the world and the human being.

During the second part of the evening, Mr. Bricnet gave a lecture titled, ‘What Spirituality Can Re‑enchant the World?’ Today’s materialism has created disenchantment. The human being has become a biological robot with no real power over himself or his destiny, and who is a prisoner of the determinism and games of chance played by nature. Based on the wisdom and philosophies of East and West, Mr. Bricnet invites us to live the spirit by giving a direction to our existence based on our deepest aspirations. The spirit cannot be understood with the intellect; it is lived. This movement towards this mystery and this imagination is what can re‑enchant the human being and, thereby, re-enchant the world.


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During an entire day, New Acropolis volunteers participated in the annual festival of gypsy culture called “Bašavel” organized in Bratislava, with a crafts workshop for children, thus fostering the importance of  knowing the art and traditions of the calé people, for a better rapprochement between different human groups and the understanding of the differences that exist between the cultures that coexist in this country. The festival showcased beautiful music, dances and crafts workshops.


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Neue Akropolis Nürnberg Jam Session Bardentreffen 2016New Acropolis Nuremberg took part in the annual ‘Meeting of  the Bards’, which attracted more than 200,000 visitors to the city in this edition. Under the motto ‘Choose your instrument and find your tone!’, New Acropolis volunteers invited the public to participate in a ‘Jam session’, an invitation that was very well received and lasted for hours and hours…

With this proposal New Acropolis actively contributed to the cultural life of the city and gives people the option to not only consume, but also to experience and to actively partake in their own experiences.

Neue Akropolis Nürnberg Bardentreffen 2016

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New Acropolis Montevideo organized for the second consecutive year the National Contest of School Music with the support of UNESCO in Uruguay. This event welcomed a considerable increase in contestants with regards to the first year it was held.


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A Wheel of Virtues and a group of dressed up philosophers went to Broadway Market in London on a busy Saturday. People were encouraged to have a go at spinning the ‘wheel’, getting a virtue and receiving an inspiring quote. More than a hundred pedestrians were attracted by seeing ‘ancient philosophers’ approaching them with information about this international celebration. It was a very successful activity and a great way of spreading philosophy in our society.

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New Acropolis Seoul has celebrated the World Philosophy Day 2016 in tribute of 2400 years to the birth of Aristotle.
The event included a lecture about the essence of the philosophy of Aristotle concerning the higher GOOD as well as the relevance of his texts to our modern society.
In the second part of the event the participants formulated rules for a modern school based upon Aristotelian principles. Through this exercise, the participants were able to experience the connection between theory and practice, and to see that classic principles are sustainable and can help us find solutions for many contemporary problems.

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