The Girl of Guatemala (Theater)

Artistic Activities

“The Girl of Guatemala” is the name of a poem that exists in the mind of all Guatemalans, the one who died of cold or of love. But this girl is more than the protagonist from a poem by José Martí. She is a real and central character of her time, surrounded by intellectuals, poets and other celebrities; an era in which Guatemala was a cradle for art and liberal thought.

New Acropolis Guatemala brought this heartwarming story to the stage. Based on the poem “The Girl of Guatemala” by the Cuban poet and writer José Martí, this work tells of the historical context and the true causes behind the development of the character. Accompanied by music and poetry, this work made us relive the era of 19th century Guatemala.

La Niña de Guatemala 2016-07-28 11.03.45La Niña de Guatemala 2016-07-28 11.05.43La Niña de Guatemala 2016-07-28 11.06.48

La Niña de Guatemala 2016-07-28 11.08.30La Niña de Guatemala 2016-07-28 11.15.24

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