Theatrical performances and concerts in tribute to World Philosophy Day (Ukraine)

World Philosophy Day
Representación teatral del mito de la caverna platónico en Kharkiv

To celebrate World Philosophy Day, New Acropolis Kharkov presented a theatrical representation of Plato’s allegory of the cave, followed by a discussion on the essence of freedom.

New Acropolis Odessa carried out a creative experiment around a philosophical text, neoclassical music and a video projection. Some of the texts were Rowing against the Current and The Art of Always Being a Philosopher by Jorge Ángel Livraga, accompanied musically by the Odessa Swannsway group of Odessa.

New Acropolis in Lviv presented a video montage Plato in the Air, as a way to get closer to the teachings of the philosopher in a modern way. The video creation consisted of selected excerpts of cinema masterworks, dedicated to the same ideas posed by Plato.

“Contra la corriente”, ensayo en Odesa.


Proyección de vídeo en Lviv, “Platón en el aire”

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