Evening of celebrations with ‘Tango, Wine and Poetry’ (La Teja, Uruguay)

Cultural Activities

The La Teja branch of New Acropolis Uruguay, organized an evening of ‘Tango, Wine and Poetry’, to celebrate the 100 years of La Cumparsita and World Book Day, in the framework of the 60 years of the International Organization New Acropolis.

Musicians, singers, poets and dancers performed at the event, and delighted the numerous spectators who went to Tango-Bar Victoria, a popular spot located in the heart of the western part of Montevideo.

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We would like to thank:

Familia Ducasse (Owners of Tango-Bar Victoria)
Matias Mateus (Winner of the Pablo Neruda 2016 Award)
Armando Tovagliare (Renowned Tango singer)
Marisabel Ricci (Renowned Singer-songwriter)
Hebert Izquierdo (Renowned Singer)
Omar Dive (Poet)
Daniela Scuadroni (Poet)
Carlos Fiuza, Antonio Lopez, Mauro Digiorgis, Lucia Makukina y Guzmán Vitar (New Acropolis Volunteers)

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