Speech at the Popular Tribune of the Legislative Assembly in commemoration of the 30 years since the founding of New Acropolis in Porto Alegre – RS (Brazil)

Institutional Presence, Philosophy, Presence in the Media, Promotion of Philosophy

Fabiano Camilo, representing New Acropolis and commemorating the 30 years since its beginnings, gave a speech at the Popular Tribune of the Legislative Assembly of the State.

In this space dedicated to civil society, Camilo spoke about the organization and the role of its activities in promoting culture, volunteering and the teaching of philosophy throughout all these years.

Given the fact that New Acropolis operates exclusively on the basis of volunteer work around the world, he emphasized precisely this role of volunteerism and its service to others and the community.

For more information, the speech can be viewed in the news published on the site of the Legislative Assembly, through the link: http://www2.al.rs.gov.br/noticias/.

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