World Philosophy Day:: “Keys for a better world” (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

World Philosophy Day

One of the greatest desires which brings humanity together is wanting to improve our world, and this theme assembled   youths and adults at the talk titled “Philosophy for the future: Keys to a better world”, presented in Balvanera, Buenos Aires, on the occasion of World Philosophy Day.

The presentation was tackled from the perspectives of three great philosophers: Plato, Marcus Aurelius, and Confucius. In the teachings of Marcus Aurelius participants discovered the importance of a vision of Unity.
Through Confucius, we reflected on the importance of ethics for individual behavior. We ended with Plato, who through the myth of the cave, showed us the need for each individual to bring out the best that he has inside and help others out of this allegorical cave.

The talk gave way to a discussion whereby attendees shared some everyday problems they struggle with, and philosophical reflections.

Día Mundial de la Filosofia

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