Development of humane potentials – World Philosophy Day 2018 (Belgrade, Serbia)

World Philosophy Day

In November, the volunteers of New Acropolis in Belgrade organized a series of activities dedicated to World Philosophy Day, which was celebrated as an international holiday on the 15th of November this year.

This year’s activities we devoted to the idea of man’s evolution – the development of humane potentials residing in each of us. The lecture “Socrates’ friendship” was about discovering Socrates as a friend who guides us, through dialogue, on the path of getting to know ourselves.

Through “The heroic meaning of life”, a combination of a lecture and a workshop, Heracles and his 12 labours inspired us to look for some of those keys which help us in recognizing both our obstacles on the path of evolution and our guiding strengths.

Ancient writings of Egypt, India and China, extracts from Stoic and Renaissance works, teaching stories of Southern American peoples all led us into a wondrous adventure.


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