Seminar at Emater Institute on medicinal plants and their cultivation (Porto Alegre-RS, Brazil)

Educational Activities

The Emater Institute, led by Elisángela Froehlich, professor of the institution in the region of Porto Alegre, presented a lecture for the students of New Acropolis with the aim of training  volunteers on the method called “clock of the human body”, used by the Institute in the municipalities of all Rio Grande do Sul.

This method deals with the planting of medicinal herbs following the guidelines of a sundial, whereby each medicinal plant is placed in the space related to the schedule in which it acts most efficiently on some organ of the human body, that is, the time in which it has maximal treatment efficacy. The activities carried out by Emater with producers and rural families encourage a didactic plantation, respecting the schedules of each organ according to the precepts of Oriental medicine.


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