Brazil commemorates Environment Week: “Detoxify, Clean and Beautify” (Brazil)

Ecological Volunteering, Educational Activities

The whole country commemorated Environment Day. Lectures; a workshop on selective waste collection; river and beach clean-ups; an ecological walk; plant-vase beautification workshops; preparing orchards for small spaces; recovery of a children’s playground; electronic waste; conscious fashion consumption; child environmental awareness; handling garbage in ways that positively impacts; exhibitions; improvement-oriented actions in the city; philosophical conversations; wheel of virtues, educational and environmental practices, etc.

The 2019 Environment Week fostered reflection on the role of the Human Being in the Universe through a unifying, non-fragmented view of Nature, as well as overcoming the Man/Nature dichotomy.

Possibly, we live in a historical era whereby the human being can delve into the core of physical matter through the advanced technology of microscopes and particle accelerators, as well as being able to observe the distant Universe and understand its functioning, through large telescopes and space probes. Despite this, we are witnessing the rapid and continuous increase of individual and collective diseases, both physical and psychological, such as anxiety, panic, depression and suicide. It is urgent to rescue a global vision of the Universe, which allows human beings to partake in Life as integral beings.
Human beings who perceive themselves intimately connected with each other, with their inner nature and as active participants in this great evolutionary current that we can call Life.










































































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