How service to Truth can change the world (Volgograd, Russia)


On October 2, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born. For more than a hundred years the world has been calling him Mahatma, the Great Soul.
He fought for the independence of  India, but it mattered to him the price of victory. He could raise tens of thousands of people to the fight – and stop their victorious march due to spilled blood and life taken. He could jeopardize his own life, spend years in prison, starve to ensure that Satya, the Truth, became visible to all and shone with an unsullied brilliance. In one word, he stopped the slaughter, returned the rights to the outcast, laid bare the true essence of political intrigue …
New Acropolis Volgograd, we recalled this man who seems so strange to our time. Who is so needed in our time.

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