Clio Project – 17th action: Cleaning the niches of Mount Serrat (Santos/SP, Brazil)

Cultural Volunteering

In collaboration with the Ministry of Culture of the City of Santos, the seventeenth campaign was carried out to preserve the monuments of the city: the cleaning of the niches of Mount Serrat.

For the third consecutive year, this space is cleaned up prior to the celebrations that take place in September, in honor of the patron saint of Saints, Our Lady of Mount Serrat. The celebratory procession climbs the stairs which are on its path. The niches represent the Via Crucis of Jesus Christ.

Following the colonial style, the 14 niches narrate the Via Crucis of Jesus and extend along the 402 steps of the staircase of Mount Serrat. The structure is made of granite and houses bronze images, presented in relief. The biblical scenes were sculpted by the Italian artist Marino Del Favero (1864-1943) and cast in metal by Metelo Benedetti.


TV Santa Cecilia reported on this activity.


The objective of the Clío Project is to value and preserve the historical memory of the city and of the country in general. It is also a way of expression of New Acropolis students and volunteers.

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